Mental Illnesses in Symbolism

Book Cover: Mental Illness in SymbolismTitle: Mental Illnesses in Symbolism
Series: Published by: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Release Date: June 2017
Contributors: Edited by Rosina Neginsky
ISBN13: 978-1-4438-9126-4
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For the artists, writers and musicians of the Symbolist Movement of the turn of the century, true art, an extension of one’s “soul” or unconscious, was often regarded as dark, mysterious and unreliable – the world of Dionysus. Such artists, writers and musicians searched for symbols to express or suggest psychological pathologies manifested in exaltation, madness, and other extreme mental states. Mental Illness in Symbolism inquires into the mysteries of the Symbolist psyche through essays on works of art, literature and music created as part or extension of the Symbolist Movement.

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