Conferences Organized and Chaired

• Co-organizer/co-chair of three-day international conference, “A Man of Letters in Music,” University of Florence, February 2018

• Co-organizer/co-chair of a three-day international conference, “Composer in Literature,” University of Paris-Sorbonne, December 2016

• Co-organizer/co-chair of a three-day international interdisciplinary conference, “Angst in European Symbolism,” University of Paris-Sorbonne, June 2015

• Conceiver, organizer and chair of the international interdisciplinary conference, “Symbolism, Its Origins and Its Consequences,” the theme Light and Darkness, April 25-April 28, 2012:, 50 presenters.

• Conceiver, organizer and chair of the international interdisciplinary conference “Symbolism, Its Origins and Its Consequences,” April 22-April 25, 2009, 50 presenters

Panels Organized and Chaired

• College Art Association, Women in Art in the second part of the 19th century-early part of the 20th, February 2022, Chicago

• College Art Association, Symbolist Posterity: The Influence of Symbolist Movement on 20th and 21st Centuries Culture, February 2020, Chicago

 College Art Association (ALMSD), Beyond Nineteenth-Century Illustration: Illustration or Inspiration?, February 2018, New York

• American Association of Comparative Literature, Mental Illness and Symbolist Movement, Seattle, April 2015

• College Art Association (ALMSD), Dreams in Symbolist Art, Chicago, February 2014

• International Comparative Literature Association, Mental Illnesses in Art and Literature of Symbolist Movement, University of Paris, France, July 2013 (organizer of three panels)

• College Art Association (ALMSD), Symbolism and Its Origins: Dreams in Symbolist Movement, New York, February 2013

• College Art Association (ALMSD), Symbolism and Its Origins, New York, February, 2012

• College Art Association (ALMSD), Symbolism: New Ideas, New Research, Chicago, February 2010

• American Association of Comparative Literature, Symbolist Movement in Europe: The Aesthetics of Arrival, April 2008

• American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies, European Symbolism and Its Manifestations in the Russian Literature Written Under the Soviet Regime Symbolist Movement in Europe, New York, November 2007

• AATSEEL, Russian Philosophy and Modernism, New York, December 1995

• AATSEEL, Russian Philosophy and Modernism, Chicago, December 1992