Title: Longings
Published by: Austin Macauley Publishers
Release Date: June 30th, 2022
Contributors: Rosina Neginsky
ISBN13: 978-1-6382913-5-0
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Once a friend-scientist asked me: “What is meant by the inner life?”
I answered: “Read my poetry.”
He read, and he said: “Now I know.”

Longings is a collection of the songs of a soul singing, crying, and laughing about the sun and the moon, reflected in the seemingly still waters of the lake, hiding the never-peaceful water-god and his court.

Longings paints the images of myriads of feelings and thoughts that find their lives in words. These words sketch the invisible world of pain, love, struggle, hope, hate, and all that our life offers us when we hear its voice.

In the garden of Luxembourg

Title: Dans le jardin du Luxembourg: In the garden of Luxembourg
Published by: Editions L’Harmattan
Release Date: French edition, January 2015
Contributors: Rosina Neginsky
ISBN13: 978-2343051345
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In this collection of poems, Rosina Neginsky reveals concepts and images that shimmer and captivate us. In her poetic universe, love and death coexiste; fairy tales play an important role: grey wolves, mermaids, tsarinas who rule over islands appear in her poems. The ekphrastic poems inspired by the pictorial works, and literary poems inspired by literary images, are enriched by the presence of free associations, legends, and the intense emotions of the interior life of the poems’ lyrical hero. Several make a reference to doubles, often there is no border between silence and the uttered speech, between self and non-self. The editorial presentation of poems allows to see the correspondence between various linguistic versions. In Rosina Neginsky’s poetry, parallelism, whenever it is respected, does not come only from a faithful translation process but it is often born from her multilingualism, which predates the birth of her poems.
Dans ce recueil de poèmes, Rosina Neginsky laisse apparaître des notions et des images d’un sens qui miroite et qui nous captive. Cette sélection de 35 poèmes ici présentée permettra aux lecteurs de goûter la poésie d’une poète américaine encore peu connue en France.

Juggler. A Bilingual English-Russian Edition of Poems.

Title: Juggler. A Bilingual English-Russian Edition of Poems.
Published by: University Press of the South
Release Date: April 2009
Contributors: Rosina Neginsky
ISBN13: 978-1931948777
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A magnificent book of poetry, in which the author explores love, hatred, sorrow, beauty, and ugliness in our lives. Fundamental for English and American Studies. Essential for Russian Studies.

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Under the Light of the Moon: Poems

Title: Under the Light of the Moon: Poems
Published by: Slovo-Word
Release Date: January 2002
Contributors: Rosina Neginsky
ISBN13: 978-1930308527
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